Unofficial Texture Modification

Last Revised: April 20, 2019


  1. Tools Needed

    • CD Mage | Extract and re-insert files inside of disc images.

    • tim2view | View and modify .TIM images inside of container files.

    • Game Image | .BIN/.CUE format works best. Game must use .TIM format for textures.

    • TIM Plug-in for Photoshop or for GIMP | For editing .TIM files directly (Optional).

    • PPF-Studio | For creating PPF game patches (Optional).

    • PPF-O-Matic | For applying PPF game patches (Optional).

    • Microsoft Windows XP and higher or WINE 1.6.2+ if using GNU/Linux or OSX.


  2. Extracting Textures

    1. Open CD Mage

      • File > Open

        • Select your game's .cue file and use M2/2352 track if asked.

      • On the left window pane...

        • Select "Track 1 [MODE2/2352]"

      • On the right window pane...

        • Select All Files > Right Click > "Extract Files..." (Use a clean directory).

    2. Open tim2view

      • File > "Scan File..." or "Scan Directory..."

        • Navigate to the location of files you extracted with CD Mage.

          • Use "Scan File..." if you know exactly which file contains the textures you're looking for. "Scan Directory..." will scan all files at once. You may have to run "Scan File..." on multiple files until you find what you're looking for. Games not using the .TIM format will not find any textures.

      • For Single Textures

        • Using the left panel, Right Click on a texture > "Export PNG..."

      • For Multiple Textures

        • Export > "Extract All PNGs (This File)"

          • Files will be extracted to a directory matching the main file name inside of your tim2view program directory.


  3. Modifying Textures

    1. With tim2view

    1. With Photoshop or GIMP

    1. Transparency in Textures

    1. Saving Your Edits

  1. Inserting Textures

    1. Open tim2view

      • Find and highlight the original texture in the left panel.

        • Right Click > "Import PNG..."

          • Select your modified texture and it will be imported. tim2view automatically saves the updated file.

    2. Open CD Mage


  1. PPF Patches (Optional)

    1. Creating a PPF Patch

      • Open PPF-Studio

        • Under PPF Output Control

          • "PPF File (Output)" set where you want to save your patch.

          • Check "Include Undo Data" and "Patchvalidation"

        • Under PPF Creation Control

          • Under "Original File" select the untouched .BIN file (Usually Track 1 if there are multiple .BIN files)

          • Under "Patched File" select the .BIN file you modified.

        • Click "Create PPF-Patch"

    2. Applying a PPF Patch

      • Open PPF-O-Matic


  1. Tips & Tricks

  1. Game Compatibility List


    Please note that this isn't a complete list. These are just the games I've tried and have had success with.

    • Blasto
      • Ability to edit almost everything (characters, buildings, guns, etc).

    • PaRappa The Rapper
      • Ability to edit all character skins, and stages.

    • Rage Racer
      • Ability to edit all race tracks, menus, and vehicles.

    • Tekken 3
      • Ability to edit all character skins as well as environments.


  1. FAQ

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